What is Mole Stain Removal?

    The procedure for removal of the mole is divided into 2 groups as surgical and non-surgical methods. In addition, non-surgical methods are divided into sub-methods such as laser, radiofrequency, electrocautery and cryotherapy.

Surgical Method

Surgical Mole Removal

    After the mole removed from the anesthetized area with local anesthesia, a small suture can be placed in that area. There may be some traces in this area. If it is a mole with risk factors, it should be sent to pathology immediately after removal. Dangerous moles are sent to pathology first. If there is no risk, the mole removal process is applied to the patient.

Non-Surgical Methods

Laser Mole Removal

    It is a method generally used for the removal of moles that are higher than the skin. In the laser method, electrical energy is converted into heat and the process of mole removal takes place. After this procedure, a tiny scar may remain in the area made. Laser mole removal is a single session. A small amount of anesthetic cream can be applied to the area where the mole is present before the application. Since the procedure is fast and practical, the patient does not feel any pain or ache. With the laser method, many moles can be removed at the same time. After application, the skin heals quickly. After the procedure, the patient can continue in his daily life.

Non-Surgical Methods

Mole Stain Removal With Radiofrequency

    Radio frequency can be used in many processes such as skin rejuvenation, removal of scar marks and blemishes. In the radio frequency method, electrical energy transforms into radio waves and evaporates. When evaporation occurs, I will be removed. No stitching or intervention is required in the radio frequency method.

Non-Surgical Methods

Mole Stain Removal With Electrocautery

    Mole removal can be performed with cautery, which is one of the devices frequently used by general surgeons. It evaporates the lesion it touches with high heat. Radiofrequency-like application is made.

Non-Surgical Methods

Kriyoterapi Ben Alımı

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