What is Carbon Dioxide Fractional Laser?

    Fractional CO2 lasers are effective in both the upper and lower layers of the skin. In fractional laser systems, laser light is sent to the skin in microscopic columns. The main target in these areas is water, that is, water-containing structures such as collagen, blood vessels and keratinocytes are damaged in a controlled manner. Living cells in the intact areas right next to the thermal damage area migrate to the damaged area and stimulate the repair mechanism there. Thus, the tissue is renewed in the areas where these tiny columns are sent. During this regeneration, while the spots belonging to the upper skin can be treated, it also causes heat damage in tiny areas under the skin and stimulates the formation of new collagen in these areas.

Aesthetic Applications

Carbon Dioxide Fractional Laser

    Fractional lasers send columns of light to the skin without touching each other, leaving normal skin islets in between. The thickness of these columns, called microthermal treatment zones, and the distance between them can be adjusted, and the number of passes to be made determines the intensity of the treatment. The wound healing foci formed in the treatment zones are bridged with each other and provide general regeneration. Generally, treatments take place with 5-45% coverage in each session.