What is Ingrown Hair?

    Hair rotation (pilonidal sinus) is a skin disease characterized by the inflammation of the subcutaneous cyst filled with skin residues and then fistulizing the skin in a number of ways to drain it. After the cyst is formed, the skin wastes that accumulate under the skin occur when an inflamed tissue is formed in that area with the accumulation of hair, fat, epithelial tissue and other skin tissue inside.

Health Applications

Ingrown Hair Treatment

    In ingrown hair disease, the operation should be done very carefully and it should be applied especially to patients with relapse of this disease. In hair growth, which seems simple in unnecessary surgeries, can turn into a nightmare due to stubborn wounds. In cases that have spread beyond treatment, the diseased tissue must be removed. After the removal of this area, new sinuses may occur due to cracking, pitting and stretching of the skin due to the suturing of the defect.