What is Lipolysis Needle?

    Lipolysis is an application that melts fat by providing very effective regional thinning and slimming. The most important feature of lipolysis is that it provides the opportunity to be purified from regional fats without the need for surgery.

Weight Loss and Slimming

Lipolysis Needle

    In the lipolysis application, PPC material is injected with very thin needles of 10 - 13 cm to the area where regional lubrication is seen. This substance increases the permeability of fat cells, allowing them to be broken down and destroyed by the liver. It is then expelled through the body's natural lymphatic system. Since the body expels fat naturally, there are no sagging effects after liposuction operations. The effects of lipolysis application start right after the treatment. It provides a visible thinning at the end of the 2nd session, approximately 1 - 2 months after the treatment.