What is LPG Application?

    Slimming with LPG is achieved by liberating blood vessels and regulating blood flow with a simple massage-like process, thereby giving vitality to the tissue.

Weight Loss and Slimming

LPG Application

    It is a 100% natural, non-invasive, non-forcing mechanical skin stimulation technique that reactivates the wages. It helps regenerate the body and eliminates water retention. It stimulates adipose tissues to soften the skin and reduce fibrosis. This stimulation helps with fat burning and healthy blood circulation. In areas where LPG application is applied, blood circulation and lymphatic circulation increase, metabolic wastes are discharged from the body, and the skin gains flexibility. With this process, all subcutaneous tissues from skin to muscle are reshaped. After 3 sessions, 71% increased tightness, 5.2 cm thinning around the waist, and 67% reduction in cellulite. The cells, which are activated by the application of LPG, continue to synthesize collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin to automatically regain the density of the dermis. It adapts precisely to the needs of all types of skin. It targets specific areas such as waist, back, abdomen, waist that are resistant to nutrition and exercise and makes it possible to slim down there. Restores energy; relaxes the muscles; It fights stress and gives a refreshed feeling.