What is Mesotherapy?

    One of the common methods used for regional thinning is mesotherapy or injection lipolysis method. In this method, substances such as soy lecithin, bile acid, carnitine, caffeine, which have fat burning properties, are mixed in special proportions and injected into the fat tissue.

Weight Loss and Slimming


    The needles used are very thin and the application is comfortable. Depending on the problem of the person, the application can be applied twice a week to once every 2 weeks. In this way, 4-10 sessions of application may be required. The needles used in the treatment of slimming with mesotherapy do not cause any significant pain in the area where it is applied. The needles used in mesotherapy are only felt in the form of small fly bites on the skin. If the person tends to lose weight during the mesotherapy application, very rapid thinning can be achieved in the treated area. On the contrary, if weight is gained during the procedure, the results may be less than expected. So it is very important that the patient does not gain weight in this process.