What isSpider Web Aesthetics?

    Non-surgical thread facelift, also known as V Lift, is a stretching technique using straight or stringy surgical threads that create much more natural looking results.

Aesthetic Applications

Spider Web Aesthetics

    Spider web aesthetics is a very effective method where you can see safer and quicker results, especially for sagging cheek and chin appearance. In this process, non-allergenic PDO surgical threads are used to restore the areas that have lost elasticity to their former position. Thanks to this procedure, which is entered under the skin at a minimal level, safer results are obtained at a more affordable price than very intense preparation and long open surgery, and these results last for about 2 years. At the same time, it takes much less time for the patient to return to their daily activities after the procedure. This thread facelift procedure (spider web aesthetics), which eliminates the need for surgery, has recently received a lot of attention from the press. As the popularity increases, this process, the number of which has increased, should only be done by competent people. Spider web thread facelift technique is also called lunch-break-lift or weekend lift by some doctors because of its 30-minute application time and a very short recovery period.